Woo Hoo... Here I am, still quilting. After 13 years of not up-dating my website, I am adding new content. I still love to quilt, still love creating portraits and landscapes, and am working on exciting art every day. Look in the portfolio section to see some of my current work.

Ranell Hansen

This quilt is called Self Portrait with Sunglasses. I created it after a visit to the Virginia Museum of Fine Art in Richmond There was a picture of the same name in the same large scale. I was inspired by that artwork. The crazy thing about this quilt is that I used a fabric called Grunge for the face. It has a seemingly random pattern of color, but on a large scale, the face looked like it had zits all over it... I was so distraught that I left it in the closet for about 2 years. Finally I took it out, figured that I couldn't make it look any worse, and painted the face. I decided that if the paint didn't work, I would put patches of fabric over it and keep working at it till it looked OK... Luckily it looked OK to me after one session with paint in the driveway.